Team Update

NAI Partners Management Services Group Opened its Doors Last October with 2.8million Square Feet of Commercial Assets Under Management

On December 1st, NAI Partners Managing Partner, Jon Silberman, brought in Jim Tainter to stabilize the fledgling platform in hopes of make it a scalable one geared more for not only growth but to bring a strategic alignment with commercial product-type owners’ investment criteria and objectives. Since then, we have watched our property management and project services team flourish under the guidance and management of Jim and his amazing team. Coming from a diverse asset and company operational background, Jim exercises an owner perspective / client-centric approach to providing property services. He and his team treat each assignment as though it was their own and truly work toward the motto of “out owning the owner”.

Tainter explains, “Whether the client is a private investor or an institutional owner of commercial real estate, today’s investor is demanding a true ownership approach to building their asset values. They have become astute enough to be turned off by a commodity, transactional sales approach to building value and are starting to understand NAI Partners has a more comprehensive asset management perspective with a real and similar ownership points of view when it comes to the clients investments and their asset values”.

A vital part of NAI Partners’ strategic diversification plan, the management and project services group is well on track to making NAI Partners the newest viable alternative for investors looking for leasing and management services. Approaching 4 million SF under management with less than a year under our belt has been no small task, and Jim is proud to share this success with his team and the commitment level NAI Partners ownership has shown this part of their strategic plan. We plan on continuing to build and grow this new line of business. Through the summer months, while we typically see a lull, Jim and his group have brought on an astounding amount of new business­–increasing our managed portfolio by 8 buildings and almost 895,000 SF!

The last time we reported on the property management team we were welcoming them aboard, but in a very short time this team has built a portfolio and platform that easily rivals the competition! Congratulations to our Management Services Team… keep up the great work!