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Houston Top Craft Beer 2017

Some high-rated craft beers brewed in the greater Houston area:
(pictured above)

A. SpindleTap
Houston Haze
New England-Style IPA
B. Brash
Imperial Stout
C. No Label Brewing
Sittin’ Sidehaze
D. Lone Pint
Yellow Rose IPA
E. Copperhead
Feeding Frenzy
Double IPA



Other Popular Craft Breweries include:

Saint Arnold Brewery

Eureka Heights Whole Foods Market Brewing Co. 8th Wonder Buffalo Bayou


Craft Beer in Houston

Craft beer is still in its relative infancy in Houston. The city’s first craft brewery, Saint Arnold, was founded in 1994, and remained the only brewery in the greater Houston area for 13 years until Conroe’s Southern Star came into existence in 2007.

However, since 2007, the growth of craft beer in Houston has exploded, with a current total of 44 breweries and brewpubs operating in greater Houston.

A substantial portion of Houston’s craft breweries is less than four years old, as a 2013 law change granting producers with brewpub licenses the ability to sell their beer on-premise to go ushered in a new wave of brewers, including the well-regarded Brash, Eureka Heights, Spindletap, and more.

Shifting consumer habits may see a furthering of breweries—which have historically been thought of as industrial inventory—also becoming retailers (a trend that has been rapidly proliferating nationwide), leading to the potential evolution of the way the commercial real estate industry categorizes these properties.

Independent beer producers across the state of Texas collectively brewed roughly 276,000 barrels of beer during the first 10 months of 2016, or 138,000 kegs. That’s approximately 1 keg for every 100 adults over 21 years of age in the entire state.


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