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Houston Office | Q1 2017

Houston Ind. | Q1 2017

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Austin Office | Q1 2017

San Antonio Ind. | Q1 2017


Houston Retail | Q1 2017

Complementing its full commercial real estate (CRE) platform and more than 500 years of broker and professional experience, NAI Partners offers a data analytics consulting service to guide its clients in their business intelligence and decision making in CRE. Like most industries today, CRE is undergoing a revolution in the volume, velocity, and variety of data being generated. At NAI Partners, we are embracing this data revolution through data science --- the process of using the scientific method and statistics to extract knowledge from data.

Data Science and Business Analytics

At NAI Partners, we aid client and business needs in data analytics by (Figure 1):

  • developing key questions at the core of the client or business problem
  • designing research to collect data and obtain the most meaningful information
  • analyzing data using statistical and mathematical techniques to extract information from data
  • interpreting data analyses to help guide business intelligence and decision making
  • communicating findings in written, visual, and oral forms to advise stakeholders

Products and deliverables resulting from data analytic consulting include:

  • written summary report
  • oral presentation and individual meeting to discuss project with clients and stakeholders
  • data visualization in figures, tables and graphics
  • strategy and guidance in data interpretation and data-driven decision making
































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