Tenant Operating Expense Analysis

Tenant Operating Expense Analysis

When was the last time you studied your operating expense bill in detail?

We provide an Operating Expense Analysis service offering at no cost to you or commitment. Over 40% of the time we uncover errors that save our clients significant money.

Let NAI Partners do the heavy lifting for you

NAI Partners’ Operating Expense Analysis is a value-add service that we offer at no cost or commitment.

We review your latest Operating Expense Reconciliation Statement and compare it to the lease definition of operating expenses, as well as compare against historical Reconciliation Statements from prior years.

We will determine:

• If your landlord correctly calculated and summarized escalations due by you—the tenant.

• How your building's OPEX details compare to other similar buildings in your submarket.

• If you were correctly billed.

The operating expense calculation process is surprisingly complex, and often has errors. We’ve been doing this for 20 years and know where to look for the errors—incorrect billings, mathematical miscalculations, etc.

We’ve completed a significant number of Operating Expense analyses, and have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in aggregate.

Ultimately our Operating Expense Analysis ensures your interests are protected as an office tenant.

Let Us Analyze Your Operating Expenses For Free

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