NAI Partners was founded in Houston more than 20 years ago by a group of like-minded commercial real estate brokers who felt that those who generate the revenue should own, manage and control the firm and enjoy the financial rewards of brokerage commissions, ownership profits and wealth building through real estate investment.

Why settle for distant public owners, lower commission splits, bare-bones resources, less control, restricted corporate bureaucracy and the one-size-fits-all approach that the large global firms favored, when there was an opportunity to put rigorous client service at the forefront; a dedicated focus on customers that lived and worked in the same cities as the sales professionals that worked tirelessly on their behalf; and near-limitless personal and organizational growth along with having to answer to nobody but themselves at the end of the day?

With those guiding principles in mind, combined with the global resources of a partnership with NAI Global—a top 5 most-recognized commercial real estate organization in the world—the founding partners created a unique commercial real estate firm where those creating the value enjoy the majority of the benefits: an owner-operated company where the individuals producing revenue are the ones running the business and sharing in the profits. Our model promotes hands-on senior-level direct involvement in our client assignments—a level of experience and personalized service that the competition is unable to match.

Unique model now in place, the platform naturally followed, initially built on the back of what would become known as one of the best office and industrial firms in Houston. As the company grew, diversification became paramount, and NAI Partners today is equally regarded for services it provides on the landlord side of the business in the leasing and property management arenas; to buyers and sellers of investment properties; and to owners and occupiers of retail spaces, among other lines of business. Additionally, geographical expansion became a critical part of the company’s growth strategy, and today it has flourishing offices in Austin and San Antonio, with an eye on additional locations in Texas.

As a partner-owned company, NAI Partners is able to offer higher splits than its competitors with better support simply because there is far less management overhead. The company fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages its brokers to diversify their portfolios with real estate investment opportunities. Through the NAI Partners Investment Fund, everyone has the option to invest in commercial real estate opportunities created by the fund. In addition, NAI Partners offers its sales professionals something few other firms do: a partner track—the chance to own a piece of the business.

NAI Partners recognizes that in order for its sales professionals to be the best in the business, it has to provide its brokers with the best support staff in the industry while also remaining at the forefront of technology. From marketing, to research and data analytics, client service and operations, NAI Partners has cultivated one of the most highly esteemed, experienced and talented shared services groups in commercial real estate, and empowered that team with the technological innovations required to continue to stay several steps ahead. This structure, along with the NAI Global partnership, allows NAI Partners professionals to compete at the highest levels and maintains one of the highest revenue-per-producer ratios in the industry.

Ultimately, none of the above would work as seamlessly as it does without a robust company culture, something NAI Partners boasts in spades. In fact, some might argue that our “work-hard, play-hard” ethos is just as if not more important than our ability to complete deals and provide best-in-class resources to our brokers. From quarterly awards breakfasts, to holiday luncheons, costume contests and steakhouse dinners, our employees enjoy a deep camaraderie and take pride in knowing the company deeply appreciates everything they do.

As you can see, NAI Partners is built differently than other firms in our industry. We put our clients and our people at the forefront of what we do, unlike the global firms who prioritize quarterly earnings. Between company ownership, higher commission splits, higher revenue per producer, forward-thinking technology, a world-class support team, wealth-building real estate investments, long-term stability, and the institutional scale of the NAI Global network, NAI Partners has the best platform for today’s sales-minded real estate professionals.

This is NAI Partners’ story. Are you going to make it a part of yours?


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