Commute Time Analysis: Tracking Houston Commute Traffic and Commercial Real Estate

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Traffic: The Great Equalizer

Rush hour traffic remains among the single-biggest headaches workers throughout Houston, Austin and San Antonio have to contend with on a day-to-day basis. And as frustrating as it can be for employees, it can be equally challenging for businesses.

According to a recent study, negative business impacts from commute issues can include:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Frequent tardiness
  • Higher turnover rates
  • Reduced employee engagement
  • Increased error rates
  • Less employee productivity due to stress

Using Data to Make Informed Decisions About Optimal Locations for Your Business

NAI Partners Workplace Strategy’s Commute Time Analysis tool can help businesses better understand the cost in lost employee productivity by evaluating data to help our clients make better and more informed location decisions. With a list of employee addresses or zip codes, we can crunch the data on commute times to your current office space (per employee and average by class) compared with alternate locations by implementing a real-time API that engages with Google’s commute time database.

Commute Time Analysis will calculate the actual distance in miles for each employee for each location, Peak drive time and Off Peak drive time. It then calculates the average for each of those categories for all employees (and by employee class), as well as the cost of that difference in commute time, helping our clients understand how much an average long commute is affecting the bottom line. It can also reveal that alternative geographic locations may not affect the average drive time as much as initially thought.

NAI Partners Workplace Strategy: A Full Range of Solutions

In addition to the Commute Time Analysis tool, our Workplace Strategy practice provides a full range of solutions, including evaluating branch office, hoteling and telecommuting options for employees that live further away; identifying co-working spaces to help reduce overall real estate costs; and devising flex work schedules to help ensure your office space is being optimally utilized.

Let Us Analyze Your Company’s Commute Times for Free

NAI Partners Workplace Strategy’s Commute Time Analysis is a tool that other commercial real estate companies do not have. Let us analyze your company’s commute time for free. Call (713.629.0500) or contact us on the web
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