San Antonio Craft Beer

Some high-rated craft beers brewed in the greater San Antonio area include
A. Blue Star Close Encounter
The Granary Brown Ale
Ranger Creek Purple Rhine
Weathered Souls Who Got the Juice Now
E. Freetail Woodicus

Other Popular Craft Breweries include

San Antonio Craft Beer Breweries

Notes On San Antonio Craft Brewing

  • San Antonio has the smallest craft beer scene of San Antonio, Houston and Austin by number of breweries (14), but what it may lack in volume it more than makes up for in the production of high-quality beers.
  • Freetail Brewing is perhaps the city’s best-regarded brewer, with two locations — one brewpub and one tasting room — and hailed for producing great beer across a wide range of styles.
  • Freetail has also launched Ghost Pixel Beer Studio, a side project that allows the brewery to explore its creativity in different ways. In line with the current evolution of beer fans increasingly traveling to the source to acquire cans of their favorite beers, Ghost Pixel does not distribute any packaged product, and kegs are sent out on an extremely limited basis. Ghost Pixel has also helped slake the thirst of the area’s New England-Style IPA (NEIPA) fans, a substyle known for its hugely juicy and tropical flavor profile, and soft, pillowy mouthfeel that has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity nationwide.

  • San Antonio newcomers like Weathered Souls and Cactus Land Brewing have also placed some of their focus on newer styles, including the exceedingly sought-after aforementioned NEIPA.
  • The evolution of consumer habits noted above may see a furthering of breweries—which would historically be considered industrial inventory—also become retailers, which may eventually shift the way the commercial real estate industry categorizes these properties.
  • Independent beer producers across the state of Texas collectively brewed roughly 276,000 barrels of beer during the first 10 months of 2016, or 138,000 kegs. That’s approximately 1 keg for every 100 adults over 21 years of age in the entire state.
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