As a follow up to our recent Timing is Everything piece, three recent news articles further underscore the strength of the commercial real estate market in Houston for office tenants.

The Wall Street Journal | Office Landlords Struggle to Raise Rents
Office landlords in many markets are having a harder time raising rents because of new supply and slowing job growth, according to a new report by a leading real-estate research firm.

Houston Chronicle | Economy and real estate to see better times ahead
A University of Houston economist and a group of commercial real estate brokers delivered mostly upbeat messages that the worst of the oil bust is over. In the office market, the amount of sublease space has finally peaked, and the retail and industrial sectors continue to expand. But the momentum that helped propel Houston’s economy through several years of low oil prices is largely gone. 2017 is going to be much like 2016 but without the uncertainty of where the economy is headed.

Houston Chronicle | Gloom lifts from industry as oil deal makers come to town
Two years of gloom seemed to lift from the oil industry this week as thousands of deal makers descended on Houston to buy and sell land and drilling rights, scout prospects and make connections that might lead to a big score down the road. The semiannual gathering of landmen was awash with optimism, showing that nothing cures an energy downturn like rising oil prices. “I’ve been in this business a long time,” one attendee said. “It’s just another cycle.”

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