Larry Koestler, NAI Partners’ Vice President of Marketing & Communications, has been named to national publication Real Estate Forum’s 2018 50 Under 40 Rising Stars of Commercial Real Estate list. The honorees were selected among 400 young commercial real estate leaders nationwide. Koestler is the only marketing and communications executive to make the list, as well as the only professional in the NAI Global network, and one of just two in this esteemed group to be based in Houston.

Per the magazine, “It’s one thing to have a successful career, but it’s another thing altogether to reach a remarkable level of success in the early part of one’s career. But that’s the predominant thread tying this year’s class of 50 Under 40 together. The members of this diverse group have very different backgrounds, upbringings, educational attainments and even family histories. Some come from longstanding families heavily involved in real estate, while others had no such background and changed the direction of their careers after starting in other fields. Some have built businesses from the ground up, while others are instrumental in the current success of their companies. Many also take time out of their schedules to make notable contributions to their communities or charitable causes. Whatever their past experiences, they all share the common traits of tenacity, intelligence and forethought. These emerging leaders are combining tried and true methods of relationship building along with new ways of doing business. Indeed, they have set the bar for excellence while many are still in their 30s. Culled from an already-impressive initial list of nearly 400 young commercial real estate leaders, the rising stars who made the short list are already establishing their presence in the industry.” Click here to access the full issue.

 As for Koestler’s write-up:

“One way to make a name for yourself as a rising star: draw raves from both inside and outside your firm. Larry Koestler did it with an approach that positioned marketing to have a greater role than mere promotion. He honed his idea that business and brand development are worthwhile and important tactics at CBRE, where he built the firm’s global social media and digital marketing platforms. Within a year of Koestler taking over marketing and communications at NAI Partners in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, the group has rapidly captured the attention of its peers, clients and other business leaders. Among the many anecdotal compliments that the firm receives on his work, one direct competitor expressed amazement at the speed at which NAI could get its deals to the media. In addition to NAI’s daily operations, Koestler is responsible for overseeing the marketing and lead generation for the company’s SwiftLease and SpaceShare brokerage platforms.”

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