From the HBJ:

“Houston failed to make the 20-city short list for Amazon HQ2, which on the surface is disappointing. I commend both the city and the Greater Houston Partnership for their noble efforts in putting our city in the best light and trying to attract a giant like Amazon, especially amongst so much competition. The CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership Bob Harvey said, “I believe this is a wake-up call for Houston.” I completely agree, but not in the way you think.

Our city’s pursuit of Amazon amongst 238 other major cities should force our town to ask itself some uncomfortable questions starting with: Do we really want to be like the cities that made the list? Do Houstonians want to follow a color-by-number, city-making template to look and act like these other cities? Have we fully considered the impact of a major force like Amazon on our city’s reputation, infrastructure, housing prices and workforce? Should losing the Amazon bid mean we re-evaluate everything this city is doing? Should we be drying our collective tears with a bunch of new initiatives aimed at making our city more like other cities?”

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