Leading commercial real estate CRM Apto recently spent a week at our offices, with the intention of learning how NAI Partners is using Apto and what Apto could improve upon. They walked away with “insight into how one of the best-in-breed brokerages has become, and stayed, so successful.”

Among the highlights:

NAI Partners uses what they call a “Farm Team” to teach their new brokers the ins and outs of the job. They learn how to be a broker in conjunction with the company technology, enabling them to perform better, faster. “I’m a deep believer in the value of training and continuing education — not just in commercial real estate, but in any chosen vocation,” says Managing Partner Jon Silberman. “We feel that by arming our young professionals with the information, tactics and strategies they need to help further their careers is a distinctive competitive advantage for us, and one that will bear considerable fruit as we groom the next generation of our company’s top producers.”

And how do they ensure they continue to stay successful? It’s not just the new kids on the block that follow this model. Every team at NAI Partners has consistent expectations of how technology makes their brokers more competitive. All of the partners are leading their teams using technologies like Apto to proactively coach and train their brokers. The firm has also invested in an in-house team that leads their technology and analytics. They empower brokers with technology and serve data up as insight that helps them win more business. Silberman says that “The key to success is a consistent process and an organized system. I believe in the simple fact that you can’t possibly effectively manage a big enough base of prospects without an organized system. And that’s what Apto does for you.”

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