NAI Partners recently distributed a survey to our client base to ascertain how different businesses are approaching returning to their office spaces; whether they have plans to change the layouts of their floorplans; and what their thoughts are on working remotely, among other key topics of consideration as we begin to collectively return to some semblance of regularity in our day-to-day lives. Below we summarize our findings, and we hope you find this information helpful and beneficial as your make your office plans moving forward.


  • Most of our respondents felt reasonably confident in their office’s near-term future in Houston.
  • The majority of our respondents (52%) are planning a phased return to the office over the next few weeks/months.
  • The majority of our respondents (66%) are not currently planning any adjustments to their office space.
  • The majority (57%) responded that they might implement a longer-term telework policy. 5% said this experience has shown them they work better collectively in an office setting.


Question 1: How do you feel about your office’s short-term future in Houston?

Question 2: When do you plan to get your employees physically back in the office?

Question 3: What kinds of adjustments, if any, do you anticipate making to your office space / what do you anticipate needing in current office space to help employees adhere to social distancing?

Question 4: Do you see implementing a longer-term telework policy and/or investing in more significant work-from-home set-ups to help remote employees better perform their jobs?

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