NAI Partners recently held its quarterly press breakfast, which as usual featured a panel of the company’s experts—this edition was rounded out by Jon Silberman, Dan Boyles, Clay Pritchett, Jason Gaines, Jim Tainter and Andrew Pappas—holding forth on a variety of trends and topics they are seeing across the company’s Office, Industrial, Retail, Landlord Services and Investment Fund service offerings, respectively [click here for previous quarter’s write-up].

Jon Silberman, Managing Partner, on NAI Partners’ growth:
“NAI Partners has literally doubled in size since 2014, both in our number of brokers and revenue. The company is having another very strong year in 2019, and one of our key strategic moves has been bringing Travis Rodgers in to help increase the executive management infrastructure of the company overall, manage our significant growth more effectively, and ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our internal and external clients.”

Dan Boyles, Partner, on the Houston office market:
“While from a statistical standpoint activity is still down, anecdotally Houston office activity is starting to feel like it’s picking back up — though it remains a tenant’s market.”

Clay Pritchett, Partner, on the Houston industrial market:
“Industrial vacancy has been below 6% for 30 consecutive quarters, and distribution product has been the big winner, seeing the lion’s share of new development. Spec buildings are being constructed at larger sizes than ever before, and I expect it’s only a matter of time until we’ll see an industrial spec building cross the 1 million-sq.-ft. threshold.”

Jason Gaines, Senior Vice President, on the Houston retail market:
“Similar to industrial, the retail market in Houston continues to hum right along, as occupancy has remained remarkably consistent. Developers have learned to police themselves with regards to overbuilding, and few if any are delivering huge amounts of spec space. Among national brands, Houston almost seems to be sliding under the radar a bit in favor of Dallas and Austin, but those paying closer attention are taking advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by the Houston retail market.”

Jim Tainter, Partner, Managing Director, Landlord Services:
“We continue to be a market that is incredibly diversified, and our clients remain bullish on Houston. It’s important to be opportunistic, but those that can do so while also having the resources to be thoughtful, patient and strategic will continue to reap the rewards.”

Andrew Pappas, Partner, SVP, NAI Investment Fund:
“We’re actively shopping for opportunities in our Fund III now, looking particularly closely at office, industrial and retail product in San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. We pride ourselves on identifying deals that align perfectly with our investment ethos, and being picky, patient and robotic in our underwriting has helped us generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.”

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