Our own Padaric Kolander, Graphic Designer, who won the Hunting Art Prize in 2016, was recently the subject of a profile written by his alma mater, Eastern New Mexico University.

The Hunting Art Prize, sponsored by Hunting PLC, an international oil services company, was an annual art competition for Texas artists with a $50,000 award. Artists submitted a single two-dimensional painting or drawing, with a winner being determined through a two-tiered jury process.

“My work was in a main gallery area, where I also had a piece shown in a previous year, and I could see it hanging on the opposite end of the room the entire evening and during the presentation. Like every dumb artist, I thought I could win, so I kept looking at my work to see if they would grab it off the wall for the announcement. At some point, I got distracted and an usher kept asking me to move closer to the stage. I thought they needed more room for people behind me.”

“Then, they announced my name as the artist selected for the prize. Somehow I made it to the stage, shook hands and mumbled a couple of sentences. It took a long time for it to sink in. I had a great time each year, and the people at the gala could not be more genuine, helpful or generous. The event’s marketing coordinator had even purchased my previous two entries. I was just looking forward to coming back. I still hear from people with them and remain in contact.”

Click here to read more and see additional images of some of Padaric’s work

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