NBA Playoffs and Commercial Real Estate San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden Stat Warriors East Bay San Fransisco and Oakland

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Head-to-Head Playoff History
San Antonio and Golden State have met in the playoffs twice before, with the Spurs beating the Warriors in 6 games in the 2013 Western Conference Semifinals, and the Warriors taking the Spurs down in 4 in the Western Conference First Round in 1991.

San Antonio

  • San Antonio has 37 playoff appearances in 41 NBA seasons, and has won 5 NBA championships, with the most recent title coming in 2014. The Spurs last missed the playoffs in the 1996-97 season. The Spurs have 20 consecutive seasons with a winning percentage of .610 or greater in the regular season—an NBA record.
  • San Antonio’s tallest building is the 546-foot, 38-floor Marriott Rivercenter hotel, built in 1988. Spurs star Kawhi Leonard was born three years later.

Golden State

  • Oakland’s tallest building is the 404-foot, 28-floor Ordway Building, built in 1970. It would take roughly 31 of Warriors’ dual superstars  Steph Curry and Kevin Durant stacked on top of one another to reach that height.
  • Golden State has 33 playoff appearances in 71 seasons. The franchise has won 4 NBA championships, most recently in 2015. It has played in the last two NBA Finals series, and has reached the NBA playoffs in each of the past five seasons.

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