NAI Partners’ Retail team, led by Jason Gaines, has been tapped by Stumpy’s Hatchet House to find the axe-throwing franchise’s first Houston-area location.


According to Stumpy’s website, Stuart and Kelly Josberger, along with their friends Mark and Trish Oliphant had a casual backyard barbecue one night after a sail on the Barnegat Bay. While the girls were preparing dinner, the boys were out back building a fire in the chiminea. Chopping wood for the fire, led to the creation of an impromptu game of throwing the axe to a makeshift bullseye on some log rounds from a tree that came down during Superstorm Sandy. The game evolved to a more sophisticated target of 2 x 6′ timbers on a tripod stand in the backyard. Soon, the Josbergers and the Oliphants realized this game had potential and decided to take it indoors, recreating the fun and bonding over food, drinks, and hatchet throwing competition.

At Stumpy’s locations, customers take turns hurling their hatchet to the target in their safe, controlled throwing pit, honing in on their form and technique. After several trials, most find this activity to be addicting. When not throwing, friends gather in the common area at large farm tables and comfy couches. Outside food may be ordered in, while snacks, beverages and ice are available for purchase.

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