NAI Partners’ VP of Marketing Larry Koestler is one of 16 featured influencers in RealMassive and Rethink’s The New #CREcosystem Refresh.

Click here to read the full report. Below is the full transcript of Larry’s answers.

1) Do you build customer relationships via social media? If so, how?

“The tools of engagement—and their relative effectiveness—seem to fluctuate with even more frequency than Google updates its search algorithm, but there’s no question that social networks remain critical platforms for distributing content that can engage and delight your audience. Our approach to developing customer relationships via social varies depending on the channel, but the end goal remains the same: sharing our story. Almost all content forms across virtually any medium in any industry—cinema, television, digital, podcasts—are competing to entertain and/or inform you. The sweet spot for NAI Partners—and the publishing that most moves the needle with our customers—is when we marry both of those results through thoughtfully articulated, creatively designed, and easily digestible content.”

2) Which social channels will emerge as top destinations for CRE engagement?

“Having been responsible for developing the social architecture and strategy for multiple companies in the CRE space, I can safely say that LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram have long established themselves as the top destinations for CRE engagement, and will likely continue to remain at the top. Considering that it’s been five years since the last truly “breakout” social network was launched—Snapchat—it seems unlikely that any currently existing tool will ascend to the mantle of “top destinationfor CRE engagement;” it will probably be a platform that hasn’t been built yet. In conjunction with that idea, I’ve felt this way for a while and continue to think that social will eventually get smaller, with a broader array of niche networks catering to specific interests and specializations. I love the size and scope of Twitter, and in theory it’s great that any tweet you publish could potentially be seen by an audience of tens of thousands, but the reality of the situation is that unless you have a business or brand that resonates at that scale, it can be increasingly challenging to cut through the noise. I think a mobile-first, CRE-focused—or at the very least, B2B-focused—professional social network could achieve relevance if executed properly.”

3) CRE is a relationship business. How does technology support or inhibit relationships?

“If you think of technology as inhibiting relationships, you may want to get off this ride now. The world has never been more technologically connected—it will only continue to become moreso—and the suite of tools available to maintain personal relationships is staggering. Think about how many texts you send and receive in a day—there’s a decent chance that number is higher than the amount of emails you composed. The key from a business perspective is not letting technology outright replace in-person human interactions. It’s helpful and important to utilize technological advancements and enhancements as strategic touch points, but going the extra mile—a vendor vying for our business personally delivered us cookies around the holidays; guess who we remembered when it was time to find a new provider—will almost always be more memorable.”

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