Our Managing Partner Jon Silberman has been named one of’s Best Bosses of 2020!

According to the publication, “When we first started sifting through the numerous entries for our Best Bosses nominations, the pandemic had begun. As we watched companies struggle to find their sea legs in this new normal, it gave us a front row view into how true leaders act during a crisis. We are confident that the men and women on the following pages meet this new criteria and then some.”

Here’s what they wrote about Jon:

“As managing partner and the largest shareholder of NAI Partners, Jon Silberman has been responsible for leading the significant growth of NAI Partners from a small, narrowly-focused company, to a fully-diversified commercial real estate and investment firm with more than 160 people, and offices in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. From a client representation perspective, he is primarily focused in the areas of tenant representation and corporate services. Silberman’s leadership strengths come from his analytical background coupled with a creative problem-solving approach. Rather than the typical “it can’t be done” outlook, his approach is “it can be done” and he works diligently to find creative methods and structures to assist his clients in reaching their real estate objectives. Silberman has vision and sees no limit to what NAI Partners can achieve. “A true entrepreneur at heart, Jon is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what it takes to achieve our goals,” says his team. What makes Silberman a great boss is his drive and humanity. “Always leading with integrity, he is honest to a fault, is firm but fair, and challenges people in the right way.”

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