Zero Cater, an Austin foodservice provider teamed up with commercial real estate company, NAI Partners

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ZeroCater needed a real estate provider that understood its needs innately.

The foodservice startup sought to move quickly as it expanded to Austin with the mission of providing local businesses with a comprehensive, data-driven office food program designed to improve office employee engagement, productivity and office culture.

Commercial real estate services provider NAI Partners Austin was something of a startup itself—having launched operations two years ago as the result of the continued growth and expansion of its Texas-based parent—and recognized the critical importance of being both comprehensive and nimble in assisting ZeroCater in executing on its goals. Especially in one of the city’s proudest and most compeitive arenas — its food scene.

NAI Partners Austin’s sales professionals were able to draw on their substantive ties to both local and regional markets, while also leveraging their dexterity in partnering with ZeroCater to secure the right space in Austin for the San Francisco-based startup right now. Thanks to its prime Austin office location, ZeroCater has been able to focus on continually exceeding the expectations of the businesses it services, and further growing its roster of corporate clients.

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