NAI Partners Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales

Investment Sales

NAI Partners’ Investment Sales team works with buyers and sellers of commercial property throughout the state of Texas, including institutions, REITs and private investors seeking to maximize their real estate positions and strategies for properties ranging from single office buildings, portfolios of owned real estate and non-performing loans, single-tenant net leases, multi-family properties, hotels, industrial parks and corporate headquarters, among other product types.

Successful transactions are supported by robust investment and asset management strategies. Our professionals work closely with our clients to obtain a thorough understanding of where the property currently sits as it relates to today’s market. We will guide you in your investment decisions and help you address and mitigate the financial effects of any uncertainties or risks. After spending that upfront time we routinely exceed our clients’ expectations in helping them achieve their goals.

Global Promotion

When appropriate, NAI markets properties to the broadest possible audience through extensive advertising, internet promotion and wide distribution of property brochures. In these ways, we reach the greatest number of active, capable buyers within local, national and international markets.

No Surprises

Since our professionals have such a thorough understanding of our clients’ projects, the chance of a surprise during due diligence is greatly reduced.

On-time Closing

Closing on-time is an essential part of the transaction. With the methodology that we use and based on our vast experience, we manage the process very closely to make sure the property closes when the contract dictates.

1031 Exchanges

Deferring taxes is an optimal solution for most of our clients. This process actually begins prior to the closing. With our vast global network, we are able to assist our Buyers with identifying and closing on their 1031 exchange.​

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